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The MapleStory's World Selection Window.

The Serverlist packet (aliases: Worldlist, World data, Server information) is the packet that contains information about a world (a server) in MapleStory. The client will display the worlds in the world select page based on the packet received. The same packet is also used to let the client know that the writing has ended. This packet is usually called "Serverlist End".

Note: If the Serverlist End packet is sent without any servers, the client will display no servers at all.

Packet Structure[]

Note:'''' 'Packet Structure may differ from one version to another. Additionally, not all values are listed as they're unknown for now.

[World ID as Byte] [World Name as Maple String] [World Flag as Byte] [World Message as Maple String] [Rate Modifier as Short] [Rate Modifier as Short] [00] [Channel Loads Length] (For each channel) [Formatted World Name and Channel as Maple String] [Load as Integer] [World ID as Byte] [ID minus 1 as Short] || [00 00] [00 00 00 00] [00]

Here's an explanation about each parameter:

  • World ID - The ID of the world. Counting usually starts from 0 (the first world).
  • World Name - The name of the world. Note: It won't affect the actual name displayed in the game.
  • World Flag - The flag of the world. 0 is none, 1 is event (E) and 2 is new (N).
  • World Message - The message to display when selecting the world.
  • Rate Modifier - Unknown for now. Always 100 (64).
  • Channel Loads Length - Basically the count of the channels in an array, each value is the load (client count) of each channel.
  • Formatted World Name and Channel - Example: "Scania-0", "Broa-3".
  • Load - The client load (count).
  • World ID - The ID of the world of the channel.
  • World ID minus 1 - Self explainatory.