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A Party Quest (PQ) is a cooperative challenge that includes obstacles, puzzels, boss fights, and more, that a party of people must work together to accomplish a victory.

Each PQ has a different set of objects to complete, and different rewards based on that.

You can only attempt each PQ 10 times a day.

Starting a Party Quest[]

To enter a party quest, a party must be created wit hthe minimum number of required members. Some party quests even also have a maximum number. The leader of the party iwll be required to start the party quest by speaking to the primary NPC in the area, and furthermore talking to the guiding NPC in each room to continue. Only one party quest may be started at any time in any one channel, so if the current channel is occupied, it is often best to move to another channel and try again.

Using the Dimensional Mirrors located in most major towns, players are able to transport to almost every party quest lobby. The party quests that will be displayed are only the ones you are eligeble to enter if you meet the level or job requirements.

Moon Bunny's Rice Cake Party Quest[]

  • Location: Henesys Park.
  • Level Requirements: 10 and above.
  • Primary NPC: Tory.

The Moon Bunny's Rice Cake Party Quest is the first and easiest quest a player can attend because of it's level requirement. Players will have to work together to summon the Moon Bunny by placing the seeds on the platforms and then protecting it from monsters so it can make cakes for the tiger.