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OdinMS was the first private server ever opened to the MapleStory community. Nowadays, it is common to refer to OdinMS as the server emulator, rather than the actual game server.


In around the time of 2007, a group of developers started working on a private server for the popular MMORPG MapleStory. The server files were written in the Java language and around 2008 their work was completed. They introduced their server as "OdinMS" and released it to the public. In it's first day of appearance, OdinMS received an enormous amount of entries, which made it even more popular from day to day.


In June 16th, 2008, OdinMS released a statement on their official website in which they announced they were being sued by Nexon for 2,500,000€. (Edit: Not true, it was 350k euros)

Source Code[]

In May 13th, 2008, OdinMS released their source code to the public on their forums. The source was at revision 988 once released.