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The Maple Community Database (also called MCDB) is a community project; a database compiled from 

A collection of MCDB tables viewed in MySQL Query Browser (custom release).

various sources for the use by the MapleStory™ gaming community (taken from README.txt). The initial versions of MCDB also contained mobs drop data, but since the game has changed they don't anymore.

MCDB is a collection of data used by Private Servers inserted into SQL format, split into categories (tables) and loaded from the MapleStory WZ Files. MCDB can also be used as an alternative to the XML data loading done in OdinMS Java Based private servers, which compared to it is new, innovative and fast.

Owing to the fact that the original creators are no longer publishing official MCDB releases, a tool called WZ Explorer has been made to easily dump the data.

WZ Explorer[]

WZ Explorer is yet the only tool to dump WZ files to a MCDB format. It is developed by Hendi48 and coded in Delphi. The tool can be found at it's official SVN to be downloaded with it's source code available.


This is the list of the names of the contributors of MCDB and their contribution (taken from AUTHORS.txt).

  • Wizet/Nexon - Creators and copyright holders of MapleStory™.
  • Dayos - Lots of data.
  • LazyBui - Project initiator / Non-GM Shops.
  • Fiel - Provided a script.
  • Snow - Provided information about Monster Book drop data and drop chance data.
  • Bri - Various extraordinary help.
  • KilledWhale - Provided pet data.
  • Diamondo25 - Provided some queries.
  • Hendi48 - Reported a serious issue with quest rewards.
  • zinmirai - Provided some SQL tips.
  • pawitp - Debugging help and new ideas.

Note: Unfortunately, not all contributors are mentioned.