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A character (Alias: Player) in MapleStory is an in-game character controlled by you or another person. When you first start playing the game, you create a character for yourself, and you play the 

The interface of creating a player character.

game as that character.

Note: Player characters are just one type of in-game character; see Non-Player characters (NPCs) .

In many role-playing games, a strict division is made between the player (the human being that plays the game) and the fictious character that the player controls in the game (i.e., the player character or short: character). However, in MapleStory and it's associated offical internet sites, this distinction is not strictly made. Tooltips and other texts refer to the fictious player character as "the player", thus blurring the line between player and player character.

The Character in the WZ Data[]


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Character Physics[]

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